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Please pay attention to the legal fine print on this website.
Terms of use

This website was designed by CyberDan (amateur non-profit webmaster) on behalf of Duinhoeve-Bredene.be.

Access to and use of this website are subject to the following conditions.

1. General:

By continuing to browse this website you agree to these terms of use as well as CyberDan's data and cookie policy. So do not surf if you do not agree with this.

2. Content of the website:

CyberDan pays a lot of attention and care to its websites and strives to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, understandable, accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, all information, names, images, photos, logos and icons, etc. available on CyberDan's website are provided without any commitment. CyberDan reserves the right to add, change or remove information at any time without prior notice. When CyberDan is notified of errors or incompleteness of data, CyberDan will be upgraded or supplemented via webmaster@cyberdan.be after reporting CyberDan.

No guarantee is given, express or implied, about the usability, correctness or completeness of the information on CyberDan's websites. Nor is it guaranteed that this website or the server that makes it available, despite the efforts made in this respect, are free of computer viruses. CyberDan can under no circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this website.

3. Left:

CyberDan's websites may also contain hyperlinks to other websites. CyberDan can not be held responsible for the current or future content of these sites, nor for the content of external sites that link to one of CyberDan's websites.

4. Commitments of the user:

When you access and use the website you explicitly commit to:

  • not to disturb the optimal functioning and security of the website, for example by using viruses or other harmful files or data or by giving you access to files or data that you normally do not have access to;
  • not to supplement, change, replace or improve the information displayed on this website in whole or in part;
  • not to use the website for illegal or harmful purposes.

5. Protection of intellectual property rights:

The information, including all editorial material, texts, photographs, illustrations, drawings and other graphic material, names, logos, software, trademarks and other brands, which are made accessible via the website, are the property of Duinhoeve-Bredene.be or the property from others who have given their permission to publish it on CyberDan's websites. The information is protected by copyright, database rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights. The information may only be used for your personal, non-commercial use. You declare that you agree not to reproduce, distribute or share the information with third parties, whether for profit or not, without prior written permission from CyberDan or the owner of this website domain name. Nothing of what is on CyberDan's websites may be interpreted as giving an express or tacit license to use any intellectual property right, unless and to the extent determined in current conditions.

6. Legal information:

On this "Disclaimer" page you will find an overview of the legal documents that may be of interest to you:

  • Legal mentions,
  • Terms of use,
  • Data policy,
  • Cookies policy,
  • Enz ...

7. Applicable law and competent court:

These conditions are exclusively subject to Belgian law. Disputes arising from these conditions or the use of CyberDan's websites are exclusively subject to a competent Belgian court, without prejudice to the rights that you would have as an EU consumer to take the court according to the mandatory laws of the place of your domicile within the EU.

This page was last modified 11 October 2018.
Cookie policy

CyberDan would like to inform you about the policy regarding cookies on this website. Further information about the use of the data that CyberDan can possibly collect from you can also be found on the other pages under the "Disclaimer" button.

What are cookies?

The websites of CyberDan (see www.CyberDan.be) make use of so-called "cookies". These are small text files that send CyberDan's websites to your browser. Your computer, tablet, smartphone or other hardware store these files. They ensure that CyberDan can easily keep track of information about your visit to CyberDan's websites.

Cookies usually have a due date. For example, certain cookies are immediately deleted when you close your browser ("session cookies"), while other cookies remain on your computer for longer, eg 2 years or until you delete them yourself ("persistent cookie").

CyberDan primarily uses cookies for functional purposes. This means that these cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of CyberDan's websites. You can not refuse these cookies. The cookies are there to make your visit as smooth as possible.

Google Analytics:

CyberDan also uses cookies for analytical purposes. These cookies collect information about the technical data of the exchange or about the use of CyberDan's websites (pages visited, average duration of the visit, ...) in order to improve their operation. CyberDan uses Google Analytics for this (in accordance with the Google Analytics Terms of Use: https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/gb.html). You can not refuse these cookies.

How can you delete or reject cookies?

You can find information about which cookies have been installed and how you can delete them via the support or help function of your browser.

This page was last modified on October 11, 2018.
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation or also General Data Protection Regulation) deals with the management and security of personal data of European citizens.

Take care of your data

CyberDan is an amateur webmaster who builds and maintains non-profit websites on behalf of third parties. CyberDan collects and uses a lot of data for this. These are of different nature.

Handle your data correctly

Correctly dealing with this is a first priority for CyberDan, especially because a lot of data is sensitive or provided to CyberDan by third parties.

A second priority is to explain in a clear way what CyberDan does with the data. CyberDan informs you the moment you leave your details with us. For example when registering for an online newsletter or when you register on the website. There is a specific data policy per capacity. This is because your capacity (as visitor or entrant) determines the purposes for which these data are processed, how long we store your data, who receives it, etc.

Legislative framework

CyberDan's data policy sticks to:

  • the regulation of the 2016/679 Regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of these data of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • national data protection laws that would apply

An answer to your questions

On the basis of the following questions and answers CyberDan wants to inform you how he handles your data.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

  • The controller (s) of your data is primarily CyberDan, an amateur webmaster who builds websites on a non-profit basis and maintains on behalf of third parties.
  • Depending on the purpose (s) of the processing, the clients who order the websites at CyberDan can also process your personal data.
  • When a processing takes place together with a client, CyberDan and its clients act as "joint controller".
  • CyberDan will always be the central point of contact when you wish to exercise your rights or have questions about your privacy.

What are the purposes and legal grounds for the processing of your personal data?

If CyberDan collects data from you, it is to process it for a specific purpose. CyberDan always does this on the basis of a legal basis. A "legal basis" is the legal basis that allows your personal data to be processed. The purposes and legal grounds for the processing of your personal data differ depending on the website (built by CyberDan) that you visit.
For example, if you register for receiving a newsletter, CyberDan processes your data with the purpose of sending a digital news message with all sorts of news about the website you visit. Without processing your data, CyberDan can not keep you up to date. CyberDan processes your data here because this is necessary for the execution of the agreement that is established between you and CyberDan.

Which personal data does CyberDan process?

CyberDan processes the personal data you provide via the website. Depending on the website you visit and CyberDan built website, these may be: identification data, and / or other data.
When you visit CyberDan's websites, CyberDan also collects data about you. CyberDan uses cookies for this. Read the cookie policy further in this disclaimer.

Who receives your personal data?

CyberDan uses "processors" for certain processing operations. These are external parties that support CyberDan in building its websites. They may only process your data as CyberDan has agreed with them. This concerns, for example, an external mailing service.

When CyberDan passes on your data to "processors" or "other recipients", this is explicitly stated in the data policy. We inform you about this when you leave your details.

How long does CyberDan store your personal data?

CyberDan may only retain your data for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which CyberDan collected your data. What is "necessary" depends on the activity you are participating in or the service you are provided with. When you ask CyberDan a question via one of his websites, CyberDan obviously does not have to keep your data as long as when you subscribe to a newsletter.

Does CyberDan pass on your data to countries or organizations outside the European Economic Area?

The European Economic Area comprises the countries of the European Union together with Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. European legislation requires additional safeguards when we pass on data to countries other than the European Economic Area countries. After all, these countries have different privacy and data protection laws, which often offer a lower level of protection than is foreseen in the European Economic Area.
That is why CyberDan will only work with "processors" within the European Economic Area!

What rights do you have as a person involved?

You have different rights:

  • You have a right to inspect your personal data. This way you can check which personal data CyberDan processes about you.
  • You have a right to rectification of your personal data. This way you can correct incorrect personal data that CyberDan processes about you.
  • You have a right to erase your personal data. This right allows you that CyberDan will "forget" you and that CyberDan will delete all information about you. CyberDan is not always obliged to delete your data when you request it. This is only necessary in the cases determined by the legislation.
  • You have a right to limit your processing. This way you can request CyberDan to limit the processing that it performs. CyberDan will therefore keep your data but its use will become stricter. CyberDan is not always obliged to comply with such request. This is only necessary in the cases determined by the legislation.
  • You have a right to object to the processing. In this way you can oppose the further processing by CyberDan of your data. CyberDan is not always obliged to comply with such request. This right can only be exercised when CyberDan processes your data on the basis of a legitimate interest or for the performance of a task of general interest.
  • You have the right to withdraw your permission each time the processing takes place on the basis of your permission.
  • You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data for recruitment and communication purposes.
  • You have the right to data portability. This way you have the possibility to move, copy or transfer personal data from one controller to another easily. This right supplements the right of inspection. It offers you a way to easily manage and reuse your personal data yourself. This right can only be exercised when the processing is based on your consent or on an agreement that you have entered into with CyberDan (or one of its clients).
  • You can send your request regarding your rights or questions about privacy in writing to: GDPR@cyberdan.be.

Do you wish to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority?

If you wish to submit a complaint, this can be done by the supervisory authority. For Belgium this is:

Data protection authority
Printing press street 35
1000 Brussels
tel 0032 2 247 48 00

Does CyberDan make decisions about you with technological means without any human intervention?

No. CyberDan does not use your data for automated individual decision-making with legal consequences.
CyberDan does bring together the information that it receives through various channels (eg the website, a registration form, etc.). This way, CyberDan knows which website he has built you. This way CyberDan can keep you informed about its website activities that may be of interest to you.

More info regarding GDPR?

Take a look at this website https://gdpr.eu/

This page was last modified 11 October 2018.
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